Adoption Procedure

Adoption Process
  • 1)  Registration to be done by Prospective Adoptive Parents on CARINGS (Child Adoption Resource Information & Guidance System) a website by Government of India.
  • 2)  HSR (Home Study Report) will be done by an agency close by in your district.
  • 3)  Documents as per the list given in JJ (Juvenile Justice) Act will have to be uploaded by PAPs (Prospective Adoptive Parents).
As per CARA Guideline 2011, the process of In-country adoption of a child by Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAP’s) residing within India is as follows -
  • Intake
    Information exchange session by the agency with PAP’s.
  • Registration
    Online Procedure.
  • Home Study
    Home visit by social worker to PAP’s place of residence.
  • Counseling
    Assessing the preparedness of PAP’s and making them aware about adoption as a concept, by trained & experienced persons.
  • Child Referral
    Providing Medical Examination Report (MER) & Child Study Report (CSR) of the child to the PAP’s on CARA's dashboard.
  • Acceptance of MER & CSR
    Signing the MER & CSR acceptance documents by PAP’s.
  • Interface
    Counselling of PAP’s by adoption committee.
  • Legal Process
    After adoption committee's approval, filing the adoption petition in the District Court, Aurangabad.
  • Placement of the child
    Signing the Pre-adoptive Foster Care document and taking the child to home of PAP’s.
  • Post Placement Follow-up
    Visit during Pre-adoptive Foster Care period to ascertain child’s assimilation with the family.
  • Verification
    Court hearing (of both PAP’s & child) in the District Court within timeline.
  • Court Instruction
    Compliance or/ and addendums (If any) sought by the court.
  • Adoption Order
    Obtaining Court order finalizing the adoption within timeline.
  • Birth Certificate
    Applying for obtaining birth certificate of the child from ward office.
  • Follow-up Report
    Bi-annual visit to the PAP’s residence for 2 years as per CARA Guideline.