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SAKAR is striving hard to provide the little babies with a loving and caring atmosphere in our Child Care Unit & ultimately finding them an opportunity to venture into a beautiful journey along with their adoptive families. Just like these blessed ones SAKAR also needs a top class, fully equipped HOME for itself & the children. Entire SAKAR family and not to mention the little ones; from the bottom of our hearts entreat you to help us realize our dream and sincerely appeal to you to come forward with a positive response and be counted as the most valuable social partner of SAKAR.

Workshop on Juvenile Justice Act, 2015



Law is dynamic. It changes according to the changing needs of the society. The society needs to keep abreast with these changing laws. SAKAR always strives it’s best to keep in tune with the latest legal and social systems. So when the JJ Act was amended, we immediately took it on ourselves to understand the changes in law and apply the same in our working. However, over a period of time we realized that not many people working in the field of institutionalized children care were conversant with the latest amendment to this Act. SAKAR took the initiative to update them on the latest laws.
In pursuant to this, SAKAR organized a 1 day workshop for the Superintendents and Social Workers of all Children’s Home in Aurangabad. The main focus of the workshop was on the basic principles behind the amendments and the newly introduced rules and regulations.
The workshop aimed at sensitizing the caregivers about quality care norms for the “Children in need of Care and Protection” as prescribed by the said Act. The workshop also had an open house session wherein the caregivers highlighted and asked for solutions to the practical difficulties faced by them in the day to day implementation of the provisions of the Act. Neelima Subhedar (Secretary, SAKAR) who conducted the workshop gave them useful insights as to how to overcome these practical difficulties within the legal framework.
The attendees urged SAKAR to conduct atleast 3-4 such refresher workshops at regular intervals.

  • March 14th, 2019
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