SAKAR visit by students of Nath Valley School.


Around 96 students of Nath Valley School, Aurangabad paid a visit to SAKAR in 2 batches on 7th and 8th of February, 2019. The school kids were taken around the SAKAR premises and specifically the Child Care Unit so that they understand the work of SAKAR and life of kids living there better.

Later on Mrs. Suchitra Deshpande (Member) SAKAR gave all the students a brief introduction of the working of SAKAR. She highlighted the major reasons why children are admitted to SAKAR.

She also gave an insight to the perils of teens succumbing to various pressures and what should be done to keep their emotional balance.

The visit was very informative as can be seen from the beautiful write up by one of the students.

In her own words:-

We the students of class 7 were allowed to see those young souls of the babies whose hearts crave for a mother’s kiss or a father’s hug. We visited SAKAR on 8th February 2019 and that was an enriching experience which penetrated to the depths of our hearts, revealing to us the truth of life. The look on their innocent faces showed no memories of their parents and their hearts unknown of who gave them life. We witnessed the selflessness of the nurses, who look after the babies as their own children similarly the babies looked up at them with the presence of true love for a mother. We saw, happily, as a 6 month old baby was adopted and pressed the accelerator to the start of a new life. 8 of us at a time were allowed to go and see the way in which their nurturing took place. Once all of us had been the spectators to the way they were raised, we were informed various things such as where the children came from, who were the people who adopted them, and how they took care of those lives. Hearing about the cruelty the parents pressed upon their children by leaving them there just because of mental disability or impoverishment, our eyes were filled with tears, our hearts with anger. After visiting the orphanage, we did start appreciating the little things in life. At home we can insist for whatever we want, they can’t. We are fortunate, blessed to have parents, they are not. It was then that we understood the blessings that are showered upon us, in the form of parents. For allowing us to experience this sense of realisation, understanding, consciousness, I would like to sincerely thank our teachers, our Vice Principal, bus facilities, administrative authorities and our principal Mr. Dass.

  • Idhaa Narwadkar

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