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SAKAR is striving hard to provide the little babies with a loving and caring atmosphere in our Child Care Unit & ultimately finding them an opportunity to venture into a beautiful journey along with their adoptive families. Just like these blessed ones SAKAR also needs a top class, fully equipped HOME for itself & the children. Entire SAKAR family and not to mention the little ones; from the bottom of our hearts entreat you to help us realize our dream and sincerely appeal to you to come forward with a positive response and be counted as the most valuable social partner of SAKAR.

Refresher Course on Importance of Medical Investigation Of infants admitted to Child Care Unit.

On 23rd Feb, 2019 SAKAR organized a refresher course for members and staff of SAKAR by Dr. Mayur Bhosle, MD Pathologist of Detect Lab.

SAKAR conducts a battery of tests for the children admitted to Child Care Unit. Usually, routine tests are easy to explain. However, we at SAKAR try to leave nothing wanting and conduct detailed medical investigations of the child. This refresher course only highlighted the need for such detailed investigations in the infants.

Most of the times the medical history of the child admitted to Child Care Unit is not known. This knowledge is important to take proper care of the child and hence all these tests help us to understand what needs to be done in case of each child.

Each child is special and so are his/her needs. This has always been our strong belief and hence time to time we do organize such refresher courses to keep abreast with latest techniques and do our best for these little ones.

We are thankful to Dr Mayur Bhosle for his valuable inputs in this regard.IMG-20190225-WA0036 IMG-20190225-WA0034 IMG-20190225-WA0035

  • February 25th, 2019
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