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SAKAR is striving hard to provide the little babies with a loving and caring atmosphere in our Child Care Unit & ultimately finding them an opportunity to venture into a beautiful journey along with their adoptive families. Just like these blessed ones SAKAR also needs a top class, fully equipped HOME for itself & the children. Entire SAKAR family and not to mention the little ones; from the bottom of our hearts entreat you to help us realize our dream and sincerely appeal to you to come forward with a positive response and be counted as the most valuable social partner of SAKAR.

Project Lakshya

SAKAR has been a name to reckon with in the field of adoption over more than 2 decades now. Around 325 children have found loving families with SAKAR’s help.

We are proud of the fact that SAKAR has not just limited itself to adoption process only but while working towards the goal of finding good families for the kids, we at SAKAR thought of working towards addressing some basic related issues. That is the main reason SAKAR has been in forefront by conducting programmes like Kshitij, Thodasa Boluya, Saathiya etc for creating general awareness on these social issues.

2019 has begun on a positive note for us. SAKAR has initiated a new project LAKSHYA which focusses mainly on identifying and helping to streamline kids with learning disabilities.

Children are the most valuable Natural Resource”- Herbert Hoover

They need to be nurtured and cared for. They are the assets of the country. The future of the country depends on them. So it becomes all the more necessary that they are well provided for and given the opportunity to develop in the best possible manner.

The problem arises with children with learning disabilities. They are often sidelined by not only the society but also the parents at times. With times things are changing. However lack of awareness and acceptance amongst parents is a major cause of concern for these children. Parents fail to realise that timely detection and help can these children catch up with their peers soon. All they need is acceptance and proper help.

Thus fuelled by these thoughts SAKAR has come up with project Lakshya to help streamline the kids with dyslexia (or learning disabilities). It is our endeavor to provide proper education to these children and help to bring them into the mainstream.

In pursuance of this goal, SAKAR took its first step in association with Anant Bhalerao Vidyamandir, Aurangabad, by getting around 155 children studying in standard I- Standard IV of the school screened by a professional. Around 75 kids with some or the other minor learning disability were shortlisted and thus started a new journey. These shortlisted children are now given special after school classes for an hour, Monday-Friday.

SAKAR has also conducted orientation of parents of the shortlisted children.

We just hope our efforts bring a positive change in lives of these little ones. SAKAR through project Lakshya is endeavoring to do the same by providing for qualified teachers and expert guidance for streamlining these kids.  Though the project is currently operational in one school we hope to further our outreach to other schools as well very soon.

We know we can and we will… Make a difference.





  • January 9th, 2019
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