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SAKAR has made a name for itself as a leading adoption agency in Maharashtra. What began as a simple adoption agency in 1994, has today spread its wings and now undertakes various related social issues as well.

We at SAKAR, way back in 2000 thought of addressing the issues related to adoption. Most of the babies out for adoption at SAKAR were from unwed mothers (mostly teens).  Lack of knowledge, proper guidance and awareness were the main culprits in cases of unwed mothers. Something needed to be done and SAKAR took the initiative to address this. Through project KSHITIJ, we now took a leap into the world of adolescents.

Adolescence is a threshold between childhood and adulthood. It brings with it dreams and aspirations; apprehensions and inhibitions. Commencement of adolescence is the starting point towards a long journey of life. This journey will become truly enjoyable only when these young people are trained to cope up with stress, tensions, risk and dangers as well as success which they will come across along this path. One thing is certain, teenagers always aspire to search their horizons; their own KSHITIJ.

SAKAR took it upon itself to make the adolescents aware of various means, modes and definite direction necessary in their search through project ‘KSHITIJ’.

To explore the path towards Horizon one needs-

(K)nowledge about oneself

(S)ensitivity towards values

(H)ealthy Lifestyle

(I)nspiration for doing right things

(T)rekking towards success

(I)ndependence from evil elements

(J)oy- the ultimate aim.

Life has become complicated nowadays. Hence it is very important to develop a positive approach and a sound frame of mind, which is almost beyond the limit of present day formal education system. The non-formal, family life education project like KSHITIJ effectively serves this purpose.

The issues which form the core of project KSHITIJ are-

  • Adolescence stress management
  • Value Education
  • Health Education
  • Sexuality Education
  • Prevention of Addiction


Program methodology includes participatory sessions, explanatory talks, display of posters, pictures, use of audio-visual aids, simulation games, roleplays etc. Individual and group counselling is also a regular feature which helps to develop rapport with the participants through frequent interaction.

Effectiveness of the program is evaluated on the basis of feedback reports from the participants which is an important factor giving insight about the changes in their behavioural pattern.

We are proud of the fact that till date project KSHITIJ has reached to more than 1.5 lakh adolescents. For project KSHITIJ, we have focussed mainly on rural population. We have conducted programmes mostly in schools in rural areas, ZP and Corporation Schools in Aurangabad and also Children homes of Aurangabad city and Paithan.

It is our sincere hope that this project makes a difference in the lives of people it touched and more and more people benefit from it.

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To know more about SAKAR and project Kshitij feel free to contact us:-

Phone:- (0240)-2347099


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