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SAKAR is striving hard to provide the little babies with a loving and caring atmosphere in our Child Care Unit & ultimately finding them an opportunity to venture into a beautiful journey along with their adoptive families. Just like these blessed ones SAKAR also needs a top class, fully equipped HOME for itself & the children. Entire SAKAR family and not to mention the little ones; from the bottom of our hearts entreat you to help us realize our dream and sincerely appeal to you to come forward with a positive response and be counted as the most valuable social partner of SAKAR.

Mothers Day Celebration at SAKAR

A hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. This hand is the tender hand of a mother. A mother is considered to be next to God.

As it is rightly said by Dr. Savita Panat  that genetics plays only a minimal 30% role in development of child. Rest 70% is totally based on the parenting style. This highlights the role of parents in a child’s development and upbringing. The role of a mother cannot be undermined and therefore every year 2nd Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day in many parts of the world.

Like every year, this year too SAKAR celebrated Mother’s Day on 12th May with great enthusiasm and gusto. It wasn’t just fun and frolic for us, but we tried to keep up with the spirit of adoption with the focus on Aayas and the children. SAKAR usually celebrates the work of the Aayas (Caretakers) on the day specially dedicated to mothers. We have been focussing on various aspects every year and this year was no different. The main focus area for Aayas this time was personal care and hygiene of the babies.

Dr. Bharati Nagare, who was the Chief Guest for the day, stressed the importance of personal hygiene of the Aayas for proper care and growth of the babies.

Dr. Sunita Doibole, who also graced the occasion, reiterated the role of Aayas in shaping the life of these kids. She stressed that the Aayas should work selflessly and tirelessly for these kids. It is up to the Aayas to shape the early years of these kids and therefore their role is of much importance in making a positive impact on the child’s future.

Highlight of the event was the oath by all the Aayas who pledged to take care of their diet, nutrition, exercise and hygiene because charity begins at home. They realise that if they are healthy and happy it is then only they can do justice to the little ones.


  • May 22nd, 2018
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