Mothers Day 2015 celebration at SAKAR

Mother's Day Programme 2015 (1)

This year the Team SAKAR celebrated Mothers Day with a difference. Unlike the routine celebrations this year’s event was a novel affair. Team SAKAR’s commitment to the cause was reflected in the celebration which was highlighted with a social message for the adoptive parents.

The highlight of the event was the adoptive family from Pune. The mother and her adopted daughter talked about importance of being open about the adopted status of the child. Transparency is the key to trust and harmony in such relationships. Another adoptive mother and her daughter told about the
complications and bitterness that can arise in relationships by hiding the fact from the children that they are adopted.

Thus by inviting the families to share their real life experiences in this regard, the Team SAKAR tried to emphasize the need of complete transparency between the parents and the children in order to strengthen their bond. The program wanted to reach out to all the adoptive parents that adoption isn’t a stigma and that timely truth can help to avoid many unpleasant situations.

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