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SAKAR is striving hard to provide the little babies with a loving and caring atmosphere in our Child Care Unit & ultimately finding them an opportunity to venture into a beautiful journey along with their adoptive families. Just like these blessed ones SAKAR also needs a top class, fully equipped HOME for itself & the children. Entire SAKAR family and not to mention the little ones; from the bottom of our hearts entreat you to help us realize our dream and sincerely appeal to you to come forward with a positive response and be counted as the most valuable social partner of SAKAR.


Project Lakshya

Project Lakshya is one of SAKAR’s most ambitious projects which strive to mainstream the children with Learning Disability Syndrome (Dyslexia). The main aim of this project is to let kids suffering from LDS to be a part of mainstream education system and enjoy a happy and normal childhood.

In pursuance of this project SAKAR has been working relentlessly.


15th Feb 2019- Educating the Educators

On 15th Feb, SAKAR organised a training workshop for the trainers. This training workshop was conducted by Mrs. Madhura Anvikar (Neuro-developmental Psychologist and a Professional Counsellor).

She scientifically explained the reasons why some kids turn out to be slow learners and what we can do to help these kids. According to her, many kids these days are admitted to schools at a very early age. They can barely speak. Their basic senses are at times are not fully developed and they are at times not able to cope with sudden pressure of school and the education system. Moreover, use of phones by kids has pushed them away from real world. The outdoor games that have been played by our ancestors and us have now been replaced by phones and video games. These games were a great way to improve hand, eye, leg co-ordination, they improved observation in kids and helped in rational thinking. Mobile and computer games are addictive. But they may impair the necessary developmental milestones in kids.

Learning Disability can be treated in 2 ways-

  • Use of medicine
  • Remedial Teaching

We at SAKAR are focussing on the latter. Mrs. Anvikar also stressed that a child may show symptoms of Learning Disability, but he may excel in other fields. Parents should encourage their kids to follow their dreams. Rather than focussing on the shortcomings parents should focus on the strengths of their kids and let them blossom.

SAKAR plans to sensitize the parents of dyslexic kids as well as try to mainstream them to the best of our ability. We are thankful to Madhura Anvikar for giving us valuable insights into this issue which is so close to our heart. We hope we are able to bring some light into lives of these little ones.


16th Feb 2019- Sensitizing the parents of kids with learning disabilities.

SAKAR had already screened and shortlisted 75 students with learning disability and had started special classes for these kids last month. 16th Feb was the day to review our progress from the point of view of parents of these kids. The parents were updated on the progress of their ward and also given individual guidance as to what more needs to be done in regards to their kid.

Mrs Anuradha Deolankar(specialised trainer for dyslexic kids) who is helping to mainstream these children that we are doing our best to help these kids. However the role of parents cannot be undermined too. They have to play an active role in helping their kids in studies and homework. It is only then we can achieve the desired results.

At the end of the meeting the parents were given a detailed questionnaire. This was just to understand their grasp of the problem their kids face. It would give a better insight as to how we can further help the kids as well as the parents to deal with LDS.




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  • February 18th, 2019
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