Home Sweet Home


Home is where the heart is!! Our dream of getting a fully equipped and custom made home with special focus on the child care unit designed specially to cater to the specific needs of the little ones at SAKAR recently came true thanks to the generous help by Loksatta’s  initiative “Sarva Karyeshu Sarvada”. We are also thankful to all the social partners and our patrons for believing in our dream and helping us to convert that dream into a reality.20180529_095834IMG-20180529-WA001520180529_095325IMG-20180529-WA0002IMG-20180529-WA0004IMG-20180529-WA0008IMG-20180529-WA0009IMG-20180529-WA0010IMG-20180529-WA0012IMG-20180529-WA0013

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