About Sakar

You don’t have my flesh & bones

You haven’t received my blood and cells

I haven’t grown you in my womb,

But still O’dear,

Your Place is reserved in my heart

My child you are mine and no one Else’s

On one hand there are these unfledged, cherubic little ones, fighting for subsistence on the planet, longing for a loving family and on the other hand some poignant parents, deprived of parenthood or some parents eager to shoulder social responsibility towards these Children…. What if both hands embrace, their entire life will be rapturous.

SAKAR as a unifying entity builds a bridge of relationship by bringing these two sets of people together. With this thought we can say, that one can experience the joys becoming parents without giving birth to Child. The decision of adopting a Child is emotional but should be based on… thought process.

The baby must be adopted from a registered, Government Recognized, Licensed Child Care Institute only. SAKAR is one such registered Government Recognized and Licensed voluntary organization based in Aurangabad. Recently SAKAR has also been recognized as Specialized Adoption Agency (SAA) by  the Government.

SAKAR is committed towards the cause of making the world a better place to live in, for the orphans whom we call “The Blessed Ones” by finding loving homes for them.

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